Sitemap - 2013 - Peter Hain

Make a donation to Neath Foodbank this Christmas

Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela and the Conservative Party – Forgive But Never Forget

Nelson Mandela’s legacy: what next for my beloved South Africa?

Nelson Mandela and the Anti-Apartheid Movement

Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Icon of all international icons

Hain Urges Residents To Have Their Say On Location Of Trebanos Post Office

Hain Encourages Banwen Residents To Have Their Say On Location Of Dyffryn Cellwen Post Office

Top Level Meeting Puts Case For Neath Magistrates Court

MP welcomes Post Office plans for new Lower Brynamman Service

EU Treaty Change

Make a donation to Ystalyfera foodbank to help those in our communities urges Hain

Hain leads MP’s call for Justice for Visteon Pensioners

Fight for Neath Magistrates goes to Secretary of State


Diplomatic Relations Spain

Northern Ireland – Addressing Justified Grievances Of Victims


Energy Costs

Hain attacks over Bedroom Tax hitting 1256 people in Neath

Hain Votes To Abolish Callous Bedroom Tax

Iranian Negotiations Must Succeed

Europe Debate – Referendum

Neath Magistrates Court

Hain Encourages Schools to Take Part in the Sidney Goldberg Memorial Competition 2014

Hain calls for Bedroom Tax to be scrapped

Hain Urges Those In Need To Take Advantage Of Discretionary Assistance Fund

Hundreds sign petition against closure of Neath Magistrates’ Court

Hain welcomes small business rates freeze pledge

Meirionnydd Day

181 Job Losses At Unity Mine ‘A Savage Blow’

‘Callous Penalty’ On Disabled

Energy Bills – Green Levies

Hundreds sign up to save Neath Magistrates

EU Council – Turkish Membership

Meeting with Aung San Suu Kyi

Hain urges more schools to take advantage of subsidy for trips to Parliament

Lagoons No Alternative To Barrage

Look for alternative solutions to save local facilities from savage Westminster cuts

UK Nuclear Energy Programme

Senghenydd Universal Colliery Disaster 100th Anniversary Commemoration

Hain demands End to Zero-Hours Exploitation

Peter Hain Launches Campaign To Save Neath Magistrates Court

Resolven Remembered

National Crime Agency

MP supports Charity’s Call for Investigation into Food Poverty

Miners Paintings

Welsh Assembly Legislation

Hefina Headon – Heart of our Valleys

What Now For Zimbabwe

Hain encouraged by New Investor Interest in Unity Mine

MP meets Neath’s Association of Old Age Pensioners

Peter Hain Statement on Unity Mine

Recovery Is Made In The South East For The South East

Middle East Peace Process, Syria And Iran

MP for Neath enjoys visit to Thriving Resolven Business

Plans unveiled to revamp Neath town centre

Repealing the Bedroom Tax will bring hope to thousands in Neath

Ed Milibands Pledge to Freeze Fuel Bills will help Thousands in Neath Constituency

Labour’s achievements are something to be proud of

Vile Racist Attack in Neath ‘A Shameful Ugly Stain on Community’ says Hain

Syria – We Need To Be At The Negotiating Table

Royal Mail

Hain Condemns Government’s sell-off of Royal Mail

G20 – Syrian Civil War Can Only Be Ended By Negotiated Settlement

No hope of £25bn Severn Barrage being built

Postal Services

On Syria, Ed Miliband deserves praise not poison

On Syria, Ed Miliband deserves praise not poison

Syria: negotiate not bomb

Syria Policy Catastrophe

Statement on Remploy 29 August 2013

Peter Hain condemns Syria intervention plan

Peter Hain Condemns Syria Intervention Plan

Why Ed Miliband will be Britain’s next prime minister

A Royal Mail For The Public

Response to Phillip Inman’s Report in the Guardian (22 July 2013) regarding the Severn Barrage

An Evening with Peter Hain

Hain Voices Concern over Continuing Youth Unemployment

Northern Ireland – Public Order

Federation of Small Businesses

Energy Demand

Arms To Syria


Royal Mail


Labour’s Relationship With Unions Must Change


Hain offers encouragement to Tata ‘Kids of Steel’ Triathlon participants

Spending Review – Keynes

The ‘Nothing For Something’ Society

The ‘nothing for something’ society

Undercover Policing

Neath MP Voices Anger over Proposed Closure of Gellinudd Hospital

Local Aid Gnoll Park Challenge 2013

Hain responds with delight to City of Culture Shortlist

G8 – Syria

Point of Order – Syria

Geneva Conference On Syria


Selling The Severn Dream

Hain encourages children in Constituency to enter Royal Mail Stamp Art Competition

Hain Questions Post Office Reassurances Over Future Of Neath Crown Post Office

Hain speaks out against National Front candidate for Swansea

Hain blasts Government in wake of ‘dismal’ unemployment figures

Severn Barrage

Neath Centre for Business

Hain leads search for outstanding young people in Neath for Humanitarian Citizen Award

EDMs signed 2013-2014

EDMs signed 2012-2013

Hain adds Support to Swansea Bay’s City of Culture 2017 bid

Wrong to Cut Winter Fuel Allowance for Wealthy

Benefits Cuts ‘To Take £30m Out Of Local Economy’

EU Council and Woolwich

Wrong to Cut Winter Fuel Allowance for Wealthy Pensioners

Hain backs charities in demand for Poverty Enquiry

Hain responds to gloomy news for Neath’s High Street

£30 Million will be taken from local economy as £700 per working adult is lost because of Welfare changes say Hain

Hain attacks Government Austerity in support of IMF Report

Hain Calls For Big Improvements to Neath Railway Station


Employment and Support Allowance Appeals

Hain Questions Government’s Commitment To Economic Recovery In Wales

The Next Coalition? Why Ed Miliband Needs To Get Nick Clegg’s Number

Hain Criticises Cuts to Local Community Safety Fund

Hain calls for Affirmative Action to Combat Continuing Rise in Unemployment in Neath

Neath MP Peter Hain Adds His Voice To Concern About Gellinudd Closure

Hain supports campaign for Skate Park in Neath town centre

Hain criticises ‘lacklustre’ Queen’s Speech as Failing Local People

We need to up our game

Labour Must Make Case For Borrowing Out Of Recession

Hain Demands Action to Save Neath Children From Poverty

Underemployment is the major problem facing Wales

Why Britain needs South Africa

Why Britain Needs South Africa

Underemployment Is A Major Problem

The coalition’s Dickensian welfare cuts are terrorising the poor

The attack on pensioners’ benefits could destroy social cohesion

The attack on pensioners’ benefits could destroy social cohesion

BBC TV: From Sharpeville To Marikana

South Africa: The Massacre that Changed a Nation

South Africa: The Massacre That Changed a Nation, BBC Two, Review

South Africa: a crisis for business over social reform

South Africa: a crisis for business over social reform

Marikana mine massacre casts long shadow

My South Africa, riven by self-interest

Attack On UKIP For ‘Giving Succour To Far Right’

Mandela: Icon of Icons

More Gloomy News For Neath Jobseekers

Measles Outbreak

Peter Hain Issues Warning To South Africa’s ANC Party: ‘Renew or Face Losing Office’

Hain Shows His Support For Royal British Legion

Deafblind charity meeting

Borrowing more today can mean borrowing less tomorrow by getting the economy growing again

Britain’s return to recession was not made in Europe, it was made in Britain by the severe fiscal squeeze that the Chancellor launched nearly three years ago

Hain Severn Barrage Rallying Call: ‘Wales Stand up and fight

No End In Sight For Neath Jobs Misery

Unite Against Fascism Counter-Demonstration 2013

Labour must not sign up to stagnation

Public Will Support Staff In Industrial Action Over Future Of Crown Post Office

Labour must not give into stagnation

Hain warns Government welfare reforms will trigger big local rent arrears

Hain demands further changes to the Government’s ‘brutal’ Housing Benefit reforms

771 new mothers in Neath to be hit by Cameron’s ‘Mummy Tax’

Hundreds Unite Against Swansea ‘White Pride’ Protest

Hain warns of a growing local food crisis

Save Neath Crown Post Office

Syria – Foreign Secretary Is Pursuing A Failed Strategy

Youth Unemployment – Northern Ireland

Syria – Anti-Government Forces

Ignore the pessimists, Labour is well-placed to win in 2015

Neath Crown Post Office Closure Will Cut Vital Services Says MP

Hain Urges Veterans to Apply for Arctic Star and Bomber Command Clasp

Hain Reacts To Minister On Severn Barrage

Economic Policies – Underemployment

Welfare Reforms To Push More Children Into Poverty Warns Hain

Hain Condemns Coalition Policy As Latest Figures Show Fresh Unemployment Misery For Neath

Mismanagement of the recession will see thousands in Neath suffer

Foodbanks Wales

European Council


Why Labour should put the Robin Hood tax centre stage

Why Labour should put the Robin Hood Tax centre stage


Statement on Gleision Announcement

Neath food bank is now seeing more people in work—many part time and desperate—than out of work


Syria – Western Backed Military Intervention Could Be Disasterous

Violence – Northern Ireland

6,200 In Neath Constituency Hit By Tax Credit Cuts

Hundreds in Neath would be helped by Labour’s compulsory jobs guarantee

Aberpergwm Colliery

Severn Barrage: Peter Hain Reveals Most Detailed Plans Yet